Law Enforcement Portals

We develop extensible web portals which provide unified access to law enforcement data. These applications provide a consistent view of hundreds of law enforcement data sources and are used by agencies all over the country and throughout all aspects of the criminal justice process.

Criminal History Data Extraction

Since 2009, Pragmatica has given our clients the ability to parse criminal histories from every state and the FBI and to extract that data into a standardized data set. This capability has allowed substantial improvements across many criminal justice disciplines. Examples:

  • Courts using our Criminal History Worksheet are able to generate Pre-Trial and Pre-Sentence reports using data received directly from III and Nlets. The data is used to find historical and pending matters, populate standard Risk Assessment Tools, and to perform additional research using extracted identifiers. Our court users are able to generate polished, thorough reports for judicial review within minutes rather than hours.
  • Law Enforcement uses the tool to quickly perform detailed background investigations while reducing the training needed to read criminal histories.
  • Government Statisticians are able to produce impressively large recidivism studies (over 1M) without needing to hand-code results.
    The repeatable process that we have developed has saved one our larger users 85% of their research budget and has reduced the time spent gathering this data from over 5 years to less than a week. The statistical analysis performed on this data has been used to shape local and national criminal justice policy is viewed as a vital part of US criminal justice infrastructure.

Warrant Automation

We have built an automated warrant system and workflow process for one of the largest counties in America. This system replaced a previous paper process and has reduced the amount of time between a warrant’s creation and its entry into state and national databases from days to mere minutes.

Geospatial Data Sharing

We’ve built and deployed mapping interfaces that provide spatial representations of warrants, critical infrastructure, vehicle tracking, and CJIS data for our public safety users across multiple agencies. These applications have been developed with the ability to integrate our map layers with both open source and proprietary geospatial tools.