Justice Web Interface

The Justice Web Interface (JWI) is a criminal justice portal created, developed, and maintained by Pragmatica, LLC since 2003. JWI provides access to a vast network of over criminal justice data sources, all within reach through a web browser on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices. Whether delivered as a cloud-hosted service or an on-premises installation, our valued customers have come to rely on its constant availability and low cost of ownership.

The demand for JWI has grown due to its effectiveness in solving crimes and facilitating the sharing of critical criminal justice information. JWI’s impact is measured through cost savings, heightened operational efficiency, and its continuous contribution to public safety. Pragmatica is proud to oversee JWI, the information it conveys, and the agencies it supports, as it reflects our mission and core values.

The following accomplishments demonstrate what Pragmatica, JWI, and our clients have achieved together:

Criminal History Worksheet

The JWI Criminal History Worksheet generates actionable reports that modernize and standardize federal and interstate criminal history information. It extracts and integrates dispositions, charges, and demographics into a standard data model, offering a unified view of an individual’s criminal history records. Since 2007, the JWI Criminal History Worksheet has become the preferred method for presenting Initial Appearance (IA) and Pretrial Sentencing Reports to judges in both Arizona and the Federal Judiciary.

Risk Assessment

JWI added a Public Safety Assessment (PSA) questionnaire to its Criminal History Worksheet in early 2018. Facilitated by the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), this feature leverages existing criminal history query capabilities to address questions related to prior violence, felonies, failures to appear, and subject demographics. This is a critical component of statewide risk assessment.

CJIS Message Switching

CAD and RMS applications have the capability to utilize JWI as a conduit to access CJIS interfaces at the state or national level. We possess expertise in supporting various protocols and message formats, and our extensive track record involves collaborating closely with our vendor partners to streamline their CJIS integration.

Recidivism Research and Outcome Measurement

JWI has been utilized by numerous agencies to collect and standardize criminal history data from state and federal sources. Notably, JWI significantly reduced the time required to obtain criminal history records for over 40,000 subjects from five years to just five days during the BJS 2005 Recidivism Cohort (NCJ 244205). This module has also been instrumental in creating outcome measurement studies for the US Courts, encompassing criminal history data for over 1,000,000 individuals.

Emergency Child Placement

The Arizona Department of Child Safety relies on JWI for background checks during the emergency placement of children with relatives, as an alternative to group homes. Since adopting JWI, the time needed to complete background checks for all placement candidates has been reduced from hours to mere seconds. Moreover, JWI’s flexibility enables case workers to conduct background checks using agency-issued tablets in the field.

Supervised Release Entry and Hit Notification

In the state of Arizona, JWI completely automates the entry of deported felons and intensive supervision caseloads into the NCIC Supervised Release File. This effort has resulted in significant productivity gains and improved data quality for Arizona supervision agencies.

Additionally, JWI assists supervision agencies by filtering and routing NCIC hit notifications to supervising officers. JWI’s advanced filtering capabilities have reduced the number of SOUNDEX-based “false positive” notifications by over 90% in multiple jurisdictions.

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