Pragmatica provides a full spectrum of software development, hosting, and support services that cater to the public safety community.

CJIS Interface Hosting

Pragmatica has partnered with public safety agencies across the United States to extend, support, and maintain cost-effective CJIS applications in both on-premises and hosted environments.

Software Development and System Integration Services

Our team of seasoned software professionals has a long history of implementing stable and elegant software solutions to our criminal justice partners across a variety of platforms. Our promise to you is that we will understand your needs and create systems that meet them.

IBM Db2 Support

With several decades of Db2 experience on the team, we are available to assist our criminal justice partners in the operation of their enterprise database systems.

IBM MQ Support

Pragmatica has expert-level knowledge of the IBM MQ transactional messaging platform and provides hand-on operational support to many large public safety agencies in its operation.

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